Will Fennell started shooting and hunting before he started elementary school in rural South Carolina. His father and grandfather taught him rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting, but started him down the road to not only reloading, but also studying bullet performance on game.
     Will started his competitive shooting career in his late teens on his college rifle team. Nothing provides a solid foundation in rifle marksmanship like 3 Position Smallbore shooting. Later he transitioned his  focus to USPSA, then IDPA. Handgun competition also led to handgun hunting deer and hogs with 10mm 1911’s.
     Along the way, Will was exposed  to Sporting Clays, which became his career. Sponsored by Krieghoff and Fiocchi, Will is a 14 time member of the USA Sporting Clays team, with many state, region, national and international titles. He is a Professional Sporting Clay Association Tour Pro, and a full time shooting instructor. He has his own training/range facility in South Carolina.
     Clay target shooting is his business, so rifle and handgun shooting/hunting is a passion that allows for personal enjoyment during his ‘downtime’. Hunting/Shooting/Training with handguns, AR’s and long range precision rifles occupy virtually every minute that he is not on the Sporting Clays course.