Shotgun Custom Work

The Remington® Steal Package gives you the opportunity to refurbish your already-owned 870 shotgun to like new condition. We replace all worn and/or damaged parts including the buttstock and fore-end, convert your chamber to 3”, convert to flexi-tab anti-jam system, install a new magazine spring and follower, replace safety with a jumbo head, replace trigger assembly with a professionally remanufactured trigger unit, and parkerize your complete shotgun.

We can also convert customer supplied 870's to: Professional, Standard, Border Patrol and CQB Models.

Please call 1-800-955-4856 for more information.
NOTE: Old Buttstock and Foregrip Will Not Be Returned.


Remington® Steal Package

CQB Shotgun®



* We will not work on firearms that have been previously modified by anyone other than the Wilson Combat Custom Shop.

* We only work on Remington 870, 12 Gauge Models

* Any and all work performed is up to the discretion of the Custom Shop Manager.

* Please do not send items not necessary for custom work. Example: Gun rugs or cases, bushing wrenches, magazines, etc.

* All weapons left in care of the shop are done so at your own risk.

* Due to Federal Regulations – customers’ firearms must be returned to the address from which they were received.

*If you have a change of address, written request for such change is required.

*If your firearm is shipped from an FFL dealer, it must be returned to the same FFL dealer.

*Minimum Custom Work order is $100. If work requested is under this amount, the invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

*If your firearm is being customized in a way that includes machining or mill work then you are required to purchase a refinish.

*Quoted lead times on custom work are approximations. We do our best to adhere to time frames but with all true firearm customizations, these times can vary. Please be patient while your custom work is completed as we are working diligently.

We recommend that you use a reliable carrier such as UPS (Highly recommended) or Federal Express. We also recommend that you insure any firearm(s) that you ship to us. Overnight shipping is required by UPS/Fedex for handguns. The use of UPS/Fedex Ground Service is allowed for all long guns.  You may also ship long guns via USPS.