Being employed by Wilson Combat since late 2013 has definitely changed my outlook on shooting. Like most kids growing up in this area, I have been shooting since I was a kid but never devoted much time to it. Since 2014 I have started shooting more often with a great group of very proficient and experienced shooters that have taught me so much in a short amount of time, I’m very thankful for their guidance.

I started shooting competitively in 2016 and after Nationals I was honored when Bill & Ryan asked me to become a member of the most prolific group of shooters, Team Wilson Combat. The other teammates have been very welcoming and are truly amazing people!

When I’m not working or at the range, I’m spending time with my beautiful wife, our daughter, and our families who are my biggest supporters! Without my family, none of this would have ever come to fruition.

Guns Used:

ESP: Wilson Combat X-TAC Elite 9mm

CDP: Wilson Combat CQB Elite .45 ACP


ACPL Northwest Arkansas IDPA Championship – ESP Sharpshooter 2nd Place, High Law Enforcement, Most Accurate
2016 IDPA National Championship – ESP Sharpshooter 3rd Place, Match Bump to Expert

USCCA Gulf Coast Regional IDPA Championship – CDP Sharpshooter 1st Place, Match Bump to Expert
CASA Razorback Shootout IDPA – ESP Expert 2nd Place
Comp-tac Republic of Texas State IDPA – 4th place ESP EX
Arkansas State IDPA Championship – 2nd place ESP EX
The Masters 2017 IDPA Championship – 1st Place SSP SS
CASA Fall Brawl 2017 IDPA – 1st Place CCP SS

Louisiana State IDPA – 2nd Place ESP EX and bumped to ESP MA
AFSP Charity Match – 3rd Place CCP EX
Razorback Shootout – 1st Place CCP EX
Arkansas State IDPA – 1st Place CDP EX

The Inaugural IDPA PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) National Championship 3rd Place Expert
The IDPA World Championship BUG 1st Place Expert