If you’re involved in IDPA, you’ve heard about the young shooting sensation, Austin Proulx. His mastery of the custom .45ACP 1911 is no secret amongst those who have to shoot against him. The youngest member of Wilson Combat’s shooting team, Austin has racked up a lot of wins in a short period of time.


IDPA CDP marksman (2011)
IDPA CDP sharpshooter (2012)
IDPA CDP expert (2013)
IDPA CDP master (2014)
Member of the Wilson Combat Shooting Team (2014)
IDPA member
NRA member
USPSA member

Major match results (IDPA)
2011 AR State: 2nd place (CDP marksman)
2011 CO State: 1st place (CDP marksman)
2011 IDPA World Championship: 11th place (CDP sharpshooter)
2012 CO State: 2nd place (CDP sharpshooter)
2013 CO State: 1st place (CDP expert)
2014 S&W Indoor Nationals: 4th place (CDP expert)
2014 CompTac Texas State Championship: 1st place (CDP expert, bumped to CDP master)
2014 IDPA National Championship: 3rd place CDP Master
2015 Smith and Wesson Indoor Nationals: 1st CDP Master
2015 BladeTech 2015 New Mexico IDPA Championship: CDP Master 1st place, High Industry, 2nd place Overall
2015 Puerto Rico Pan Am Championship: CDP Master 3rd Place
2015 NM Scorcher: CDP Division Champion
2015 World Championship: CDP Master 4th Place
2015 NM State Championship: CDP Division Champion, High Industry, 2nd Place Overall
2016 NM Scorcher: 1st place CDP Master
2016 IDPA Nationals: 5th CDP Master
2016 The Western Regional: CDP Division Champion
2016 Fall Brawl: CDP Division Champion
2017 Arizona State: 2nd place CDP Master
2017 Smith and Wesson Indoor Nationals: 2nd place CDP Master
2017 Razorback Shootout: CDP Division Champion
2017 Silver Dollar Championship: CDP Division Champion
2017 CompTac Republic of Texas: CDP Division Champion
2017 New Mexico Scorcher: 2nd CDP Master
2017 Wisconsin State: CDP Division Champion