Beretta Custom Work

Wilson Combat is pleased to announce a full product line of our newly-designed, enhanced replacement parts, and a comprehensive suite of custom gunsmithing options for the Beretta 92/96 series handguns. The Beretta 92/96 series is a classic combat handgun and the standard-issue sidearm of the United States Armed Forces since 1985. The legendary reliability and user-friendly design of the 92/96 can now be enhanced with our quality parts and services geared towards the needs of defensive, tactical shooters.

Burnt Bronze / Black Combat-Tuff

Custom Finishes

Berettas can be finished in the ArmorTuff™ finishes that can be seen to the left. For more information on our ArmorTuff™ finishes please see the FAQ. Note: If we refinish your beretta, we have to re-stake the extractor pin and  these marks are unavoidable.



Our Beretta Action Tune package can take your Beretta 92 to the next level of shootability with a lighter, more reliable trigger pull for duty, concealed carry or competitive shooting. Our expert gunsmiths can adjust and polish engagement surfaces, change spring weights, sights, and more to give you a distinct advantage with your Beretta 92 series pistol. Note: If we do an Action Tune with Chrome Silicon springs, we have to re-stake the extractor pin and  these marks are unavoidable.

Beretta 92G Compact with action tune package


Wilson Combat's Custom Work Gallery



* You must obtain an RMA and shipping label from Customer Service BEFORE sending in your firearm. Please call 800-955-4856.

* We will not work on firearms that have been previously modified by anyone other than the Wilson Combat Custom Shop.

* Any and all work performed is up to the discretion of the Custom Shop Manger.

* If your firearm is being customized in a way that includes machining or mill work then you are required to purchase a refinish.

* Cancelled work orders are subject to a $50.00 fee after work has been started.

* Please do not send items not necessary for custom work. Example: Gun rugs, gun case etc.

* All weapons left in shop care at your own risk.

* Due to Federal Regulations – customers’s firearms must be returned to the address from which they were received.

* If you have a change of address, written request for such change is required.

* We do not work on 92 series pistols that do not have the FS oversize hammer pin.

*Please Note* If an action tune with chrome silicon springs is performed, or if any re-finish is performed your pistol, we must remove the extractor pin on the slide. When we-restake this pin, marks will be left on the slide. These marks are completely unavoidable, and most times are present on Beretta Slides direct from the factory. There is nothing that be done to help this. These marks do not/will not effect function of your pistol, they are solely cosmetic.

To send your firearm to Wilson Combat for Custom Work, you must first call Customer Service at 800-955-4856 to obtain an RMA # and Return Label. Firearms will not be accepted for Custom Work without the proper RMA and label.