Level One Engraving- $665

Add Your Initials to the Level One Engraving (not available separately): $120

You now have the chance to order a custom-built Wilson Combat 1911 style handgun with spectacular hand engraving applied by a Master Engraver in a fraction of the usual delivery time!

We are honored to work with award-winning engraving artist Wayne D’Angelo on this new custom firearm option.  D’Angelo is one of the world’s foremost firearm engraving artists and his attention to detail is legendary.  He is the former chief engraver for Smith and Wesson and contract engraver for Colt firearms.  Wayne’s renowned scroll engraving adorns many collectible and rare firearms all over the world.

Wilson Combat offers three levels of classically styled engraving coverage and also the option to add the owner’s initials. D’Angelo hand engraving can be applied to stainless steel or blued steel firearms only (not Armor-Tuff®) and can be ordered as an option on new orders or those orders that have not yet started the build process.

Please consult a member of our customer service team for more details.