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Wilson Combat  Hunter 

Are you a handgun hunter? Frustrated with a fat revolver that you have to cock for every shot and won’t give you rapid, accurate second shot capability? Would 2 more round capacity give you more confidence? Tired of dramatic changes in point-of-impact when changing bullet weights? If so, we have the gun for you – our new .460 Rowland Hunter – a serious hunting weapon built on the time proven 1911 platform.

We started with the strongest frames and slides in the industry, CNC machined from a hammer-forged block of American steel. We pair that with a super accurate 5.5” heavy stainless match barrel, our legendary crisp trigger, and 30 years of proven 1911 know-how. The result is an extraordinarily accurate, powerful, and reliable weapon – the .460 Rowland Hunter. It’s almost a half-inch slimmer than a typical large-caliber revolver, with an easy carrying flat profile. All the controls – safety, magazine release, and trigger - are easily reached and manipulated without changing your firing grip. It utilizes a special 7-round magazine, with one in the chamber you have 8 rounds to stop your quarry – plus it only takes a couple of seconds to drop the empty mag, pop in a full one, and get back down to business with 7 more rounds.

The .460 Rowland Hunter comes with our reliable and durable Lo-Mount adjustable rear sight; the best in the business. We’ve tested the Hunter with 185, 200 and 230 grain bullets – and all shot essentially the same point-of-impact. Try that with your favorite single-action revolver; you will probably find different bullets move completely out of the kill zone.

Follow-up shots are quick and target acquisition is rapid due to our high-ride beavertail grip safety. It promotes a high grip and positions your hand as close to the plane of the barrel as possible to minimize muzzle flip and felt recoil. The long 6 7/8” sight radius assures you excellent shot placement – and is ¾” inch longer than a S&W 629 with a 4”barrel – but the overall length of the Hunter is still ¼” shorter and the empty weight is the same.

For low light shooting the Hunter is equipped with the excellent Crimson Trace laser grips for precise shot placement in even the most difficult conditions.

Cor-Bon is offering some great factory hunting loads for the Hunter at fair prices – so you won’t be forced to hand-load unless you want to. The Hunter is a large caliber handgun that maximizes field performance and carries comfortably all day in any quality, standard 1911 5” belt holster, shoulder holster, or chest holster.

“Accuracy of our first test pistol is AWESOME!,” company founder and owner Bill Wilson said after his first trip to the range with it, “I’m shooting one inch groups at 30 yards…with my ol’ tired eyes that’s EXCEPTIONAL!”

Deer and boars, beware………there’s a new Hunter in the woods.




Available  Calibers

.460 Rowland
10mm Norma

Accuracy Guarantee

1" At 25 yds.

Base Price Starting At



.460 Rowland Ballistics

 .44 MAGNUM power out of a 1911 platform here folks!!!

185gr JHP at 1425 FPS
200gr JHP at 1300 FPS
230gr FMJ or JHP at
1250 FPS

All actual muzzle
velocity from the 5.5” bbl Wilson Combat Hunter.

Also available in 10mm Norma.











Prices and Specifications Subject to Change without Notice, Firearms will be Invoiced at Prevailing Prices at Time of Delivery



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