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If you are seriously into competitive shooting, as I was in 1977, you tend to develop your own idea of exactly how your pistol should look, feel, shoot, etc. It wasn’t surprising that many other shooters had their own ideas about the perfect gun for their use – and it wasn’t the same as mine.

I started customizing my own guns, and developed some that performed, looked, and felt the way I thought they should. Before long, other people noticed what I was shooting, and wanted something similar – but not exactly like what I had. So in 1977, I started customizing their 1911 style pistols, and experienced first hand many of the different combinations of features and customization that world-class shooters favored. Since then, I’ve used many of their ideas in our complete line of firearms, and recognized that there are about as many ideas of how a pistol should be built as there are people – and none of them are wrong, just different. I’ve build a lot of interesting pistols in the last almost-30 years.

If you’re a typical shooter, you just might have an idea right now of what your dream gun would be – caliber, type barrel, size, grips, color, stainless or carbon steel or a combination, maybe even a polymer frame. We offer choices in trigger, safety, hammer, magazine capacity, internal parts - virtually every component of 1911-style pistols.

Call one of our Customer Service Representatives today, and let us quote your dream gun. And let Wilson Combat® build that dream gun exclusively for you – down to your name engraved on the slide alongside ours.

You might even want us to take a 1911 pistol* you already own and take it to a higher level of performance, reliability, accuracy, and appearance. No one blends form with function better than Wilson Combat®. We can simply install a set of sights, do a crisp trigger job or fit a match grade barrel for you; or we will fully customize your pistol the way you want it.

Today is a good day to get started on your dream gun. Call one of our Customer Satisfaction Representatives and discuss YOUR dream gun and get an estimate of our current delivery schedule.

We work on customer supplied Colt*, Springfield Armory*, Kimber* or Smith & Wesson* pistols. We require a $50.00 deposit when you send in your pistol and Custom Work Order.

                Bill Wilson


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Prices and Specifications Subject to Change without Notice, Firearms will be Invoiced at Prevailing Prices at Time of Delivery



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