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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the "Group Gripper" work?

The "Group Gripper"™ utilizes a special barrel link that engages a leaf spring located in the head of the guide rod which forces the barrel into the locking lugs under heavy spring tension. This results in a more consistent lock up from shot to shot thus producing improved accuracy.

What is the difference between a one piece and two-piece guide rod?

The only functional difference between a one-piece guide rod and a two-piece guide rod is the way you assemble and dissemble the pistol. To dissemble a pistol with a two-piece guide rod you must first remove the front half of the guide rod using an allen wrench and then dissemble as normal using a bushing wrench. To dissemble a pistol with a one-piece guide rod a bushing wrench must be used.

What can I do to improve accuracy?

A "Group Gripper"™ can easily and inexpensively improve accuracy. But, to obtain maximum accuracy a match grade barrel and bushing can be installed combined with a tightened slide to frame fit. An improved trigger pull and sights will make it easier to produce maximum accuracy with your pistol.

How can I make my pistol more reliable?

Reliability work is the most important thing that you could have done to your pistol and should be the first thing you do. There are several steps that should be taken to improve reliability. Polish the feed ramp, throat the barrel, polish and adjust the extractor, adjust breech face clearance, polish breech face, check the ejector for tightness, install new recoil spring, check the chamber depth, adjust if necessary and lower and flair back the ejection port on pre series 80 models.

**To insure maximum reliability quality magazines and ammunition should always be used**

Do you have an accuracy guarantee?

Yes, Wilson Combat rifles and pistols have accuracy guarantees. Depending on the model of pistol the guarantee is 1 inch or 1.5 inches at 25 yards. Rifles feature a 1 MOA guarantee at 100 yards or 1.5 MOA guarantee at 100 yards, depending on the model. You can see which firearm models feature what guarantee by viewing the product web pages.

Please Note: The accuracy guarantee is valid only with the ammunition and stipulations listed below:

1 inch or 1.5 inch accuracy guarantees are based on the pistol's ability to place 5 consecutive shots (center to center) into the guaranteed group size from a distance of 25 yards when fired from a Ransom machine rest by at least one of the following ammunition types:

Federal Classic 45D 230 gr. JHP
Federal Hydra-Shok 230 gr. JHP
Hornady 200gr. XTP
Black Hills 230 gr. XTP
Winchester SXT 230 gr. JHP


6.4 gr. VihtaVuori N320, Nosler 185gr JHP
6.3 gr. VihtaVuori N320, Hornady 200 gr. XTP


Why won't the slide stop drop on an empty magazine?

Typically this is caused because the magazine is new. The forward portion of the polymer follower has not rounded enough to disengage the sharp edge of the magazine. To correct this simply depress the follower with one finger and with another finger push the rear of the follower forward slightly, do this between 5 and 10 times. The slide should now drop on the empty magazine.

What are the differences between Wilson Combat® pistols and other 1911's?

The largest differences between our pistols are assembly methods and manufacturing tolerances. Every Wilson Combat® firearm is assembled by hand, by a master gunsmith. And rigorously tested and inspected before it is shipped. The result is an absolutely reliable firearm with a perfect fit and finish. Wilson Combat® manufacturing tolerances for frames, slides, and components are also much tighter.

What is Armor-Tuff® finish and how good is it?

Armor-Tuff® is the hardest, most durable, chemical and heat resistant thermally cured finish available. Armor-Tuff® was developed specifically for firearms use to provide a surface finish with optimum corrosion protection, abrasion resistance and lubricity. Armor-Tuff ® has a very attractive satin/matte surface finish that looks very similar to an ultra-fine sandblast blue job. When applied to a bare common steel it will pass the test procedures for saltwater spray at 1,000 hours, saltwater immersion at a minimum of 1,000 hours, accelerated salt spray test equivalent to 30 years marine atmosphere exposure, and 60 days seawater immersion. Armor-Tuff® is a phenolic resin that when thermally cured, produces the most durable thermally cured surface of any product on the market. Wear life is comparable to a mil-spec parkerized firearm finish. Abrasion resistance exceeds common bluing and Teflon based products. Armor-Tuff® contains molybdenum disulfide, which provides excellent anti-friction characteristics. Armor-Tuff® is applied at our finishing facility in Berryville, Arkansas under the strictest quality control standards. If you are not 100% satisfied with Armor-Tuff® we will promptly refinish your firearm at no cost to you.

What would you recommend that I do to my pistol?

This is basically a matter of personal needs. We recommend our complete reliability package as the as an important first step, sights, trigger job and then it is up to you based upon what you want the pistol to do.

Call 800-955-4856 to discuss your firearm needs with one of our knowledgeable Customer Satisfaction Representatives.

What pistols do you work on?

We will work on Springfield Armory, Colt, Norinco, Wilson Combat, Kimber, Strayer Tripp, and Strayer Voight pistols. 

We will not work on firearms that have been modified by anyone other than Wilson Combat® Custom Shop.

Does a full-length guide rod improve accuracy?

Full-length guide rods were designed to improve cycling and to keep the recoil spring from binding up. Although, increasing accuracy is not the intention, it could slightly improve accuracy by helping slide lock up.



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